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Jackie and Stacey have been speaking enthusiastically together for years, and are now ready for you to listen in! Check us out on our podcast on all the podcasting platforms you listen to.

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Monthly Topic: FRIENDSHIP You will be absolutely delighted to hear from Silver (pictured here on the right) and Candace (on the ...

Monday, December 23, 2019

Merry Christmas!

Monthly Topic: FRIENDSHIP
Listen in to EPISODE 70(!!!) to hear more about how Jackie is going to be 50 soon (not really), and also a little more on the topic of FRIENDSHIP. ; Basically, we all have a desire to belong; to be known; to be understood. To top it all off, we want to be loved EVEN THOUGH we are allllll the good and alllll the bad. Jackie asks a really interesting future/vision type question that gets Stacey thinking. Find out what it is on this episode!
Per ushe, we super want to know if you listened in today, AND what you thought? Did you consider the community you build through your FREINDSHIPS? Let us know! Tweet @jackieandstacey, use our hashtag #thejackieandstaceyshow or #VayaConDios. You can even send us a private message or an email: thejackieandstaceyshow@gmail.com.
Sending you love and Happy Holiday wishes!
Love, Jackie & Stacey

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