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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Comfort Zones INTERVIEW with Abe Lincoln!

Monthly Topic: COMFORT ZONES 
Hello Friends! This month we are interviewing Jackie's longtime friend Abe Lincoln... again! We had technical difficulties the first time we attempted a remote interview, so we just met up in person this time to be sure we got it :)
Abe and his dear wife have un-schooled their children, traveled the country together... and lived to tell the tales to Jackie & Stacey! Listen in to hear how Abe has lived out a consistent strategy to say yes first, then figure out the details later. His COMFORT ZONE is pretty big - but that it takes time and intention to be so. We hope you are as thrilled to listen as we were to record this excellent interview.

Don't forget to fill us in! How is your COMFORT ZONE being stretched this month? Conversely, have you given yourself permission to just bask in some COMFORT to recharge? We want to know! Send us your photo, story, or question to thejackieandstaceyshow@gmail.com, #jackieandstacey, @thejackieandstaceyshow.

Monday, October 7, 2019

New month / New Topic: COMFORT ZONES

Happy October!

Ahhh, comfort: cozy, easy, yummy... Are you picturing a blanky? A latte? Lounging in a hammock on a white sand beach sipping your favorite cocktail with the warm sun making you all sleepy and relaxed...
(Stacey is going to take a nap now)
J/K! Comfort is wonderful... for a little while. Join Jackie and Stacey in Episode 57 to hear how your Comfort Zone is pretty different that just being comfy. Sometime we get a little stagnant - and comfort can mean just doing the minimum to get by. It will be no surprise to you that this can be easy, but mediocre - and you may just be feeling a little uninspired. Have no fear! Jackie and Stacey will encourage you to do a little step (your Vaya Con Dios) to stretch your Comfort Zone.
Together, lets go from just surviving to learning and growing!
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