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Jackie and Stacey have been speaking enthusiastically together for years, and are now ready for you to listen in! Check us out on our podcast on all the podcasting platforms you listen to.

FRIENDSHIP interview

Monthly Topic: FRIENDSHIP You will be absolutely delighted to hear from Silver (pictured here on the right) and Candace (on the ...

Monday, December 2, 2019

December = Friendship

Monthly Topic: FRIENDSHIP
This Holiday season, join Jackie & Stacey as they learn what makes someone a friend. What do you love about friends? Learn the number 1 thing Jackie is looking for in a friend... or is it 3 things? Aristotle may even weigh in on the topic of FRIENDSHIP. Stacey will let us know exactly how, and what makes up the trifecta of awesome friends.
As always, we end the episode with a small - hopefully very doable - action challenge we call the Vaya Con Dios. If you play along, please let us know! Tag us with @thejackieandstaceyshow or #vayacondios or #jackieandstacey. We just love hearing how you are out there showing up in the world!

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