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Monday, August 5, 2019

New Monthly Topic: Storytelling

New Monthly Topic: STORYTELLING

In Episode 47 of The Jackie and Stacey Show, we discuss STORYTELLING! Jackie seems to think she is not a storyteller. However, you can see that this episode is a little long... because Jackie told a long story! Turns out we all have stories: ones that we tell, ones we keep inside, and others that we tell ourselves about our interactions in the world. Totally fascinating. Join us as we talk and discover the impact of these stories within ourselves.
Vaya con Dios!
Your one little action is to…
Think of a time in your life when you switched the story you were telling yourself and how it impacted your reality ~ or ~ Look at the story you are currently telling yourself about who you are or about an interaction you are having. Pay attention to that story. 

As always, we super want to hear from you. Did you listen in? Did you do the Vaya Con Dios?! If so, give us a shoutout @thejackieandstaceyshow .


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