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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

How did it go??

Starting this month, we are ssslllooooowing our roll. Due to some new listener feedback, the amount of episodes we have published was a little intimidating! Our slower roll is going to look like this: instead of a new topic every week, we are going to switch to a new topic each month. I guess you could say we are practicing being CREATIVE in our approach to podcasting?! 
Perfect segue!
In Episode 46 of The Jackie and Stacey Show, we discuss how we are CREATIVELY making a few changes around here! You gave us feedback, and we are listening:
First, the sound on this slapstick podcast sure ain't perfect. We promised you that we live like we talk: try now, and fix later! Well, it is later. Today we tried out a great sound booth - Stacey's closet. How did it work?
Second, we got CREATIVE by both recording the audio for this podcast AND going Facebook LIVE at the same time. Do we make any sense? Or did we refer to visual things too much?
Lastly, this month was our slower roll out of each topic/lens. Did you like it? We did! This was a great month for us to slow down our recording. We hope you enjoyed the break as much as we did.

As always, thank you for listening in, and thank you for practicing at life with us!
XOXO, Jackie and Stacey

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