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Monday, June 24, 2019

Let's talk about FUN!!

Join Jackie and Stacey as we discuss FUN this week. 

Not only is having FUN, well... FUN, but it is also super duper good for you! If you needed an excuse to experience a little more FUN in your life, we have the info to back it up! Do it!

Episode 0037
Do you consider yourself a FUN kinda person? Or does that sound like a bunch of malarkey? Jackie and Stacey begin discussing the topic of FUN in this first episode (#0037) of our new topic. Learn with us how FUN (or the lack of it) impacts our social, emotional, and physical well being. Doesn't that sound FUN?!

Episode 0038
What vision do you have when you think about God and FUN? Does your faith inspire FUN, or dread? How does your perspective of FUN impact how you view faith and/or God? Join Jackie and Stacey as they discuss FUN, faith, and how they fit together!

Episode 0039
Are you having FUN in your closest relationships? Why or why not? Jackie and Stacey discuss how having FUN together builds our relationships, strengthens our relationships, and makes them long lasting. Listen in to Episode 39 to hear a few ways to sprinkle a little bit of fun into your life with your close people.

Episode 0040
Listen in to hear Jackie and Stacey discuss how having FUN in your community impacts your life, and/or how you interact in your community in a FUN way. Do you have FUN in your community? If not, how could you start? Better yet, WHY would you start?

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