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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Interview with Heidi Daniels

Join us for Episode 0036 of The Jackie and Stacey Show, as we interview the absolutely effervescent Heidi Daniels!

Heidi is a gal with a penchant for daily HABITS. Her processes are incredibly detailed - having been honed to her personal style for years. Just as Jackie and Stacey discuss in Episode 32, small daily HABITS, implemented over time, can have a gigantic positive impact. Heidi shares her tips, tricks, and just what works for her. She also happens to be pretty dang funny and super duper honest along the way; two things that are super endearing to us!
Heidi is a realtor with Century 21 in Monterey County, California. She has a husband named Joe, three very cool grown children, and even some gorgeous (if talkative!) grandchildren. She manages her time, her family, her work and her money effectively through her daily HABITS. Listen in to hear how we can all learn from her successful habits.

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