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Monday, June 10, 2019

Hashtag Goals

Weekly Topic: Goals
Jackie & Stacey discuss the topic of Goals this week. Are we allowing ourselves to dream big dreams? If so, how do we get from here to there? If not, what is keeping us from discovering our passions, and actively pursuing them?
In Episode 0027 of The Jackie and Stacey Show, listen in to hear how Jackie's goal of starting a podcast is going :) Jackie teaches us how to break down a goal and start with the babiest of baby steps.
In Episode 0028 Jackie & Stacey discuss the topic of Goals and how they effect our relationship with God, or vice versa: Does our relationship with God free us to create big hairy audacious goals, or keep us from them? 
We quote Bob Goff a lot, so if you get a chance read one of his books. We both follow him on Instagram, too! @bobgoff
Jackie & Stacey discuss how entrepreneur Jim Rohn once said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.” His quote and this idea is repeated quite a bit in each weekly topic with close relationships. It makes a lot of sense, especially with the impact on one's Goals.
Listen in to Episode 0029 of The Jackie and Stacey Show to hear what the girls' goals are, and how you can begin to encourage those closest to you in this area.
Listen in to Episode 0030 of The Jackie and Stacey Show to hear what a community-minded goal shapes your daily life. It's not necessarily a goal for your community (like, "hey, Community, you should do THIS!"), but rather a goal for yourself as you interact in your community.
How is that going to go down? Find out when you tune in!

Reminder: each episode we look at our Weekly Topic and how it impacts us in these four areas: our selves, God, our people, and our community.

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