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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Episode 0026: Vulnerability: Interview with Amanda Bakker

 Weekly Interview: Vulnerability

Jackie and Stacey interview a dear friend, Amanda Bakker, about this week's topic - Vulnerability.  Amanda shares with Jackie and Stacey the most vulnerable time of her life, and how she endured. Her story is a continuing inspiration to embrace vulnerability, grace, and love.

Amanda, along with her husband Shawn, is a small business owner, the President of the Tatum's Garden Foundation, a softball coach (and past collegiate player!), and a mom of three. 
Episode 0026: Vulnerability: Interview with Amanda Bakker

Reminder: each episode we look at our Weekly Topic and how it impacts us in one of these four areas: our selves, God, our people, and our community. Interviews ask all four questions.

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