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Jackie and Stacey have been speaking enthusiastically together for years, and are now ready for you to listen in! Check us out on our podcast on all the podcasting platforms you listen to.

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Episode 49: How does STORYTELLING impact how we show up with our close people?


Let's keep talking about STORYTELLING! Episode 49 is allll focused on how the stories we tell impact our closest relationships. Join Jackie and Stacey as they discuss how the perspectives we present in our STORYTELLING can have gigantic impact on these people we hold dear. What a difference a little perspective shift can have in our STORYTELLING.
As always, we super want to hear from you. Did you listen in? Did you do the Vaya Con Dios?! If so, give us a shoutout @thejackieandstaceyshow .

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