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Jackie and Stacey have been speaking enthusiastically together for years, and are now ready for you to listen in! Check us out on our podcast on all the podcasting platforms you listen to.

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Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Jackie and Stacey Show *DISCLAIMER*

Hello Friends!

We sure hope you are enjoying the first week of the Jackie and Stacey Show! Thank you for listening!

Our purpose here in the Podcast is to create space for conversation and GROWTH. We are not experts at any of the topics we discuss. We are simply women who desire to learn, encourage and grow. Baby steps!

Should you listen in to a podcast and think, "wow, they really missed out on _______!", you will most assuredly be correct! Our episodes are short conversations between Jackie and Stacey. We know you have unique circumstances, as well as so much to add. Please do!

We would love nothing more than to see you continue the conversations we begin - within YOUR heart, YOUR God, YOUR close relationships, and in YOUR community. May our podcast be the starting point for growth and connection in your world.

We want to hear your responses - the good, the bad, and the ugly. We will still love you <3

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Vaya Con DiĆ³s,
Jackie and Stacey

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